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The year 2001 found Neil G. Pansey employed by Progress Energy Florida.

Neil G. Pansey Discusses
Energy Demands in Florida

Florida is known for being a sunny, hot place, observes Neil G. Pansey. Because of this, the state deals with more power demands than most other places in the world. As an electrical engineer, Neil G. Pansey knows the complexities of the Florida energy system. As a resident of Florida, Neil G. Pansey can discuss first hand the state’s power situation.

The electricity demand throughout the state of Florida is one of the highest in the entire country, says Neil G. Pansey. Since it is not as large as other high-temperature states such as California and Texas, Neil G. Pansey feels that the energy companies must work harder. Neil G. Pansey explains that this is because Florida has less land for power needs.

Neil G. Pansey suggests that energy use is so high in the state because of Florida’s range of temperatures throughout the year. In summer, residents obviously use a lot of air conditioning. Neil G. Pansey also points out that people usually heat their homes every day throughout the colder months. These two things lead to huge energy demands.

Most of the electricity in Florida is generated by petroleum, continues Neil G. Pansey. Energy departments of the state governments are currently working to unveil oil deposits under the west coast to continue this energy. According to Neil G. Pansey, studies have shown that there is likely gas deep in the Florida ground. If this is true, burning petroleum will continue to be common, says Neil G. Pansey.

Petroleum firing is used more in Florida than anywhere else in the country, adds Neil G. Pansey. Florida also has a variety of natural gas and coal power plants. Neil G. Pansey observes that the state is trying out new power sources like solar energy and wind. Geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, and wood electric power plants also exist, clarifies Neil G. Pansey. Florida works hard to keep the population supplied with power, concludes Neil G. Pansey.


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